We have explored a lot of different technologies in "The Future is Waiting" e-book and Roadmap to 2050 of

Here is where things become interesting… The most incredible thing is… Everything is connected!

Can we infer a disruption model based on these developments?

What type of innovation can be predicted?

A framework for predicting the future should perhaps be reserved for the major digital corporation that wants to hire me first.

In the next chapters, I will “connect the dots” between the development of existing technologies. The maturity of some of the technologies acts as the gateways for others, locking the innovation. I will use the technologies we have discussed as components of a sandbox from where I can pick and combine without limits to my imagination.

Let me confess one thing. I get annoyed when a sci-fi writer creates a super-duper incredible, mind-blowing innovation that it is scientifically impossible and it does not tell you how it looks like or how it works. It is like magic. We know magic works in fiction. Some people prefer this type of magic. Some love it. It works well in movies. But I don´t like it. I love magic in life, but not when it comes to technology. I am an engineer, and I need to understand how it works. I am going to show you these technologies, and of course, you can criticise them as much as you want, we can even improve them together.

Some of the technologies that we will adopt in the VoR saga are:




Holotable or Holographic Table

Block time

Subrogation Rooms

Smart Dust Mixed Reality

Do you have your invention for Verge of Reality? Please drop me an e-mail, and we can discuss it. I am thinking about enabling guest posting to come up with more ideas for the series.

Stay Tuned. This is Verge Of Reality.

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This is a compilation of research for the Verge Of Reality Saga. It includes the same posts that you can find on this blog, but in different formats (.pdf, .mobi, epub). 

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  • Introduction to the first book of the Saga: Tokyo Fall 2050

Tokyo Fall 2050


Tokyo Fall 2050 is the first book of the Verge of Reality saga, a thrilling, fast-paced thriller for fans of Daniel Suárez, Ramez Naam, Douglas Richards and movies like Blade Runner and Minority Report with a touch of Kill Bill and Akira Kurosawa.

If you like books that leave you shocked and make you rethink everything… this is your book.

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