The Future is Waiting - Martin Gallardo
The Future is Waiting - Martin Gallardo
The Future is Waiting - Martin Gallardo

The Future is Waiting

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A fascinating introduction to Climate Change, Transport, Energy, Society and Space, Robots, Artificial intelligence, Androids, Enhanced bodies, Brain-technology interfaces, cyborgs, 5G, AR, VR, MR, HR, IOT, Quantum, Bio and Optical computers, genomics, supermaterials, nano factories and the future of food.

Are we going to live in a dystopian, steampunk, scarce, Mad-max kind of world or…

Are we going to live in a utopian, futuristic, abundant, Tomorrowland kind of world?


  • Will we be able to adapt to climate change and extreme weather events?
  • When will all cars will be electric?
  • Will robots replace my job?
  • What is Universal Basic Income?
  • What are the possibilities of a Third World War?
  • When will be landing on Mars? And beyond?
  • Will people become cyborgs?
  • How far are we from androids that look and behave like real humans?
  • Will an AI eventually take control over humankind?
  • Will most of us become addicted to virtual worlds?
  • Are we all going to use augmented reality contact lenses and play with holograms?
  • What is GaaS or Genetics as a Service?
  • How many will Genetically Modified humans be in 2050?
  • Are we going to live forever?
  • Should I start saving for a búnker?
  • Is 42 still the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
  • And the most important… is this all a hype?

These questions and many others will be explored in the next chapters divided into the following parts:

* Macrotrends and challenges. Analysis of the series of storms involving our climate, energy system, transportation, economy, politics, and space travel.

* Man Vs Machine. Technological developments of robots and how humans are going to compete and collaborate with them.

* The fight for reality. How Virtual reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Holographic media and IoT will change our daily lives.

* The new era of computers: Quantum, DNA-based and Optical computers.

* Genetics and Nanotechnology. How we are going to rewrite the fundamentals of life.

* A roadmap for 2050, including new potential disruptions.

* Building a near-future Universe. How I created companies, technologies, characters and overall style of my sci-fi saga.

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